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Wprealty WP Real Estate Plugin scam from WPRealty.org – SCAM?

I want to share a very bad experience with you about WPRealty WordPress Real Estate plugin from WPRealty (Chad Broussard). If you consider to buy this WPRealty wordpress Real Estate plug-in, please read it twice before you make the decision. You will not get any refund even though you received a “Crap” software plug-in. And the payment processor (Paypal) cannot help you to get refund since he sent you a software (intangible) no matter whether the software works or not. I will elaborate with evidence below and let you make own decision to purchase such software. I hope this will avoid more victims to fall into the trap again. Now, Ihave bought another plugin instead, but I have not got my refund due to this scam.


  • I bought the software on 17Jan2012 and expect a working WPR3 software. I paid US 199.
  • WPRealty sent a older version – plugin and theme
  • Plugin installed but theme could not be installed.
  • A few days later, WPRealty claimed they fix the problem.
  • Yes. the theme was installed. But, other functions were broken, eg the admin configuration of WPRealty cannot be saved. I cannot add any other plug-in; forms were not working.   The software could not make me go anywhere. I spent over two weeks with no help.
  • WPRealty asked me to buy the developer package which costs US399 to try their beta version.

I refused because

  1. the basic version does not work, why I pay more to buy another version.
  2. I should not pay to buy a beta version and help you test your beta version.
  3. I lose confident totally in this product and dealt with this company.

Chad agreed to refund in the support ticket if I did not agree to upgrade per his suggestion. But, later Chad (WPRealty) broke the promise, and modified the ticket and sent to paypal to refuse refund. You may find the screen print below to see differences by comparing the conversation between the original ticket and WPRealty’s modifed ticket to Paypal. And how Chad removed the section of his promise and then sent the ticket to paypal to accuse buyer’s false.

I raised 3 tickets in total since I bought this low quality software and I listed all original tickets below:

1. Ticket to request support – Closed without response

2. Support ticket 332071 – agree to refund

Recap from ticket for Chad (WPRealty)’s agreement to refund (in bold) below, but he denied.  And he removed and modified the tickets, and sent to Paypal to deny refund.

I am telling you this because I think that you have been very patient thus far and I know that you will want this and will want this at a cheaper price than I am going to be charging later today – so if I refund you now then that’s fine but if you come back in the future you will pay 3 times more – which is better for me from a business stand point but I don’t think you will want to pay that much.

3. support ticket 486193

==== His replied to paypal and he accused buyer for the problems.   He also modified and changed tickets to change evidence of his promise. ======

Below is his replies to Paypal – He accused that the issue is buyer’s problem.  I think Wall of Shames should be on the seller (WPRealty), not buyer. It is because he is selling crap software. He modified the ticket, broke his promise, dishonest and then submitted to paypal to deny the promise.  And he gave no refund on crap software.   It is surprised that Paypal cannot protect buyer with existing policy even thought this seller is selling bad quality software. WPRealty also understands this loophole and thus they only accepted payment from paypal. Please be careful if you decide to buy WPRealty through paypal. Don’t expect any refund even WPRealty (Chad Broussard) sent you non-working software.

Paypal Claim – #PP-001-655-227-622

2/18/2012 00:18 PST PayPal: Seller escalated this dispute to a Claim.

2/18/2012 00:18 PST Seller: Yeah – here is another one, someone that can’t read and buys the cheapest thing we sell and then tries to turn that into a free upgrade (while threatening to do a refund even after a free upgrade).Our refund policy is clearly written all over our site and we even have a Wall of Shame for people that rip us off – but to show you just how much we bend over backwards read the first ticket and you will see that we completely setup and configured everything in a timely manner.Here is a link to both trouble tickets:http://wprealty.org/ticket-1.html http://wprealty.org/ticket-2.html In his second ticket I also tried to offer a upgrade at no charge because I assumed he was just having buyers remorse since he didn’t buy the more expensive new version – but as you can see he wanted to turn my offer into a refund based on his terms and I’m not about to hand over 25k worth of software to someone who is already threatening to do a refund on it before he even gets it.So – he paid for the cheaper older version and it was setup for him as per

ticket-1.html – our refund policy is that we only guarantee that it will work as advertised and that we will even set it up for free with any

purchase and that what we did.

2/6/2012 23:03 PST Buyer: Please refer to the discussion under the following ticket#332071 – Need support – wprealty not working

Ticket sent from WPRealty to Paypal


Backup ticket1 in case the above ticket is deleted.


Backup ticket2 in case the above ticket is deleted.

Please note that the ticket Chad Broussard (WPRealty) sent to Paypal removed his promise for refund.

Here is the proof of his dis-credibility and dishonest.

The promise from WPRealty (Chad) is highlighted in the original support ticket #332071.

Support ticket 332071 (Original) – agree to refund

The ticket was modified and the refund promise was removed by WPRealty (Chad). This modified support ticket #332071 was sent to Paypal. Paypal also closed the case because the product is intangible (electronic) no matter it is non-working software.


Backup ticket2 in case the above ticket is deleted.

I stated all the fact here. You may decide whether you want to proceed to buy such low quality software with no refund. I have learnt a hard, unhappy lesson, wasted time and hope you can avoid it by sharing this. And if you search more on the web, you will easily find similar problem from this company.  And I paid US 199 and they already removed my account.   I shared here with all the fact above because I hope you can learn a lesson from my experience and avoid any loss.

If you know someone from paypal’s management, please help forward to paypal management and ask them why such well representative payment company support these scam company and does not protect buyers.


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